Baton Rouge, LA

Sometimes work isn’t always bad…This past week I spent some time in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for work. WHAT A FABULOUS PLACE!! I do a lot of work with a company called Turner Industries in Port Allen, LA. I had never seen their facility after working with my company for 2 years and I just couldn’t resist anymore.

Let me tell you, I did SO much eating down there I think I am still full from it now. I cannot believe the amount of food that those people wanted me to eat down there. It was just one thing after another. They have so much food all the time and while they are eating their current meal they are thinking about their next one, haha.

Unfortunately since I was there on business I was unable to get any pictures of the actual food that I ate but I did want to share the restaurants that we went to and what I ordered. Everything was fabulous…I will however be spending the rest of my nature born life at the gym because of those few days I was down there. AND the people…the people are just fantastic! They are so nice, humble, and genuine. I could live down there…if I could find a restaurant that actually served vegetables, haha.

So here we go:

This is where the shop is located, it is right by the LSU Tigers Campus. Those people are crazy about the Tigers there!

This is the first restaurant that we went to. At this place the gentleman that was showing us around ordered Boudin Balls and Crab and Crawfish Au Gratin. The Boudin balls are like a sausage that has rice with it and they fry it up in balls and serve it with horseradish sauce. The Au Gratin was creamy and delicious. I actually got the Crab and Corn bisque for my meal with a salad. The bisque was out of this world!

Mansurs is where we went for dinner that night. This restaurant was fabulous! I mean fabulous! We started off with some cocktails (crown and ginger for this girl). My host ordered Acadiana Egg Rolls (Duck & shrimp-stuffed, fried, Asian sauces), Charbroiled Oysters (Charbroiled with The Boulevard’s special recipe). The oysters were fantastic! I do not eat oysters normally but these were charbroiled and their taste as so good. I mean granted they were covered in butter and fabulous sauces and were probably awful for me, it was great! For dinner, I ordered a Cedar-Roasted Redfish (plank-roasted with creole lemon caper butter and gulf shrimp and risotto). My fish was so perfectly cooked, it melted like butter in your mouth. The flavors were so awesome and the shrimp was just outstanding! For dessert I had their blueberry bread pudding. YUM!

This was the last place that we ate. We had Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Bienville, and Oysters Italian. The oysters were filled with crab and spinach and bread crumbs. They were delicious. We also had fried alligator here. I was really hesitant to have that and I was actually surprised that it tasted a lot like chicken. It was a little greasy for my taste, but overall not as bad as I thought it would be. For my actual lunch I got a special which was shrimp filled eggplant that was fried and covered with Crab Ettouffee. It was really good!

I was actually able to take home some gumbo with me on the plane from a little store that was a specialty shop for the area. I also tried cracklins, which if you don’t know what cracklins is, which I didn’t either. Be warned…it is pig skin and it is fried. That is all I have to say haha

Overall this trip was fantastic and I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. What is better than great people and great food? Nothing.

Here are some pictures of the shop that I went to visit…



This is the material that I sell to customers




checking out my product


Hope you all are having a great week! It is carrots and celery for a while! haha 🙂

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  1. I haven’t been there in ages. It was always such a relief after New Orleans.

  2. Glad you had a fun, food-filled trip. I think I must be a Baton Rouger at heart, since I too think about my next meal while I am eating my current one!

  3. I have never been to LA, but my daughter did a detailed report on the state last year and we are eager to visit! A section of the report was on food, and we saw so many things that looked so good! Thanks for this post!

  4. You had quite an assortment! Were the cracklins good? Or was it just way too odd? I went to LA years ago in college for about two weeks. It was amazing. We met so many awesome people, tried incredible food and walked around looking, buying and photographing. It was awesome.

    The Au Grating you had sound very very good. I love the seafood there. We did a steamed pot thing that is pretty typical down there from what I hear. Crawfish, potatoes, corn…we smelled like crawfish for days but we ate our weight in food that day so it’s not surprising!

    I agree the people there are so genuine and caring. It would be a great place to call home.

    • The cracklins were good actually, definitely not something I would eat everyday. It was the pig skin but it also had a layer of fat and meat with it too that they fried up. So it wasn’t the same as pork rinds. It actually had some meat attached.

      The seafood down there is to die for, I can’t even tell you how different seafood tastes in different parts of the country. I mean you simply don’t eat seafood anywhere in the middle, I am from Kansas and the seafood there was AWFUL (great bbq tho!). But honestly the crawfish and shrimp was amazing!