Halloween Cookies

Halloween Cookies

I’d say it is about time that I posted my Halloween Cookies no? I was planning on posting them on Monday for Halloween but the current situation in the Northeast definitely prevented that. I am still without power as I am sure many people still are here in CT.

It is amazing to me. Just yesterday I started seeing traffic lights starting to work again. My office building is still without power. They have us camped out in a building down the street taking space wherever we can find it. It has been a rather unproductive week, since none of us have phones. Although I found myself a pretty nice office to hang out in, definitely nicer than the one I have at the other building. Kind of like a field trip…but for adults, who work. haha

What a crazy year this has been…hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tons of rain, snow in October…what are we going to get next? Godzilla?

Anyways, back to the Halloween cookies. The recipe for the sugar cookies and icing you can find here. I have used this recipe a TON. I love the sugar cookie and the icing is just a simple royal icing. All I did was add food coloring to the icings to make orange, black, purple, and of course the white was just like that.

I used a #3 tip to decorate them and make their outlines. Then I just used a #12 to flood the cookies. If you have never used royal icing before it can be really tricky, just a warning. You have to be careful with how much water you add for the flooding and at the beginning so that the icing has some structure to it.

Hopefully by this time next week we will be back with power. I haven’t been able to cook anything for TOO long. Thank goodness there is a gas stove I can use, but the oven I can’t use and the microwave as well. Living off of soup and spaghetti this week haha.

Happy very belated Halloween!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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  1. Having no power for so long must be getting to you. It’s like camping in your house, no? Hopefully, your power will return soon.

    At least you have these scaary Halloween cookies to munch on! They are so cute!

  2. Ravie: Praying you get power soon.
    Is your power out at home as well?

    Keep warm and keep safe.

  3. I know. The power thing is absolutely crazy. Some of my husband’s family who live in CT are STILL without power. Saying a prayer that it comes on soon! And cute cookies πŸ˜‰

  4. Hope the weather turns a little bit more favorable for you and everything in that area gets back to normal.
    Your cookies are cute, glad you have that gas stove! My favorite of these are the ghosts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. You did such a great job with these! So cute.

  6. These are awesome! I’ve never had much patients for decorating cookies… so jealous. πŸ˜‰

  7. These are adorable. Love the colors you chose!

  8. I love your Halloween cookies! I bet it’s nice but odd to see everything working again, at least that’s how it is for me when I go awhile without power!I want to play with royal icing.

  9. Awwww.. your cookies are so cute! I’m glad things are getting better (but not fast enough). Wow, that must have been some storm. Keep warm and I hope everything gets back to normal soon. Have a good weekend. : )

  10. I hope you have power now and things are running more smoothly. You’re right, it’s been an interesting year in way of mother nature’s wrath.

    Your Halloween sugar cookies turned out so professionally done! Gorgeous colors and decorated so perfectly. I’d have a hard time sinking my teeth in those pretty cookies as I wouldn’t want to mess them up πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

  11. LOVE these cookies! How adorable!

    Also wanted to let you know that I sent an award your way! πŸ™‚

  12. Too cute! Now you need to make some turkey cookies. πŸ™‚

  13. These are so darn cute! I stink at cookie decorating, so I’m in awe of your talent!

  14. I hope everything is okay now… your Halloween cookies are really adorable! I’m not very detailed and I can’t make this kind of cookies…although my kids would love them!

  15. Im totally digging your Halloween cookies! Still not brave enough to embrace royal icing. I can’t believe you are still without power when you wrote this! I really really hope things are all back together for you now!