What kind of Sushi do I want?

What kind of Sushi do I want?

What an extremely busy week! Honestly…between, work, softball (we made the playoffs! woohoo! and won our game last night woohoooo!), working out, friends, animals, boyfriend, parents etc…I could go on forever, haha….it is hard to have time to cook. It really is! I enjoy cooking but sometimes I really have to almost “schedule” time to do it. At least it seems that way in the summer time for me. When it is winter and I don’t have as much going on it is much easier for me, but the summer is always hard for me to actually sit still in one spot and get something done, haha πŸ˜‰ I feel like I have a severe case of ADD during the summer…

This week is also very busy for me because at work we are having a trade show and golf outing with all of our company’s suppliers. They come from all over the place (mine mainly come from Kansas, Canada, Louisiana, and Illinois)! It normally takes the entire week to get ready to have them come and then Friday is the golf outing where all the magic happens, AKA shmooooosing with suppliers to give better prices ;-). BUT, the good part is they normally take us out for nice dinners while they are here for the week and THAT I can deal with πŸ˜‰

(My favorite supplier from Canada is taking us to a Sushi restaurant tonight and I am really looking forward to that!!)

Anyways, I decided to make a meal that was simple but that would make me feel like I was able to cook SOMETHING during this week. Nothing fancy but it ended up being a nice meal that I thought I would share with you all…

Nothing too special here but it was quite tasty! Corn is in season right now and there was this little farmers stand that had a TON of corn so I stopped and grabbed some. While my steak was cooking on the grill, I didn’t do anything exciting with the steak – just salt and pepper, I put the corn on the side burner of the grill. I was always taught to put corn in cold water in a big pot and then on high heat until it starts rapidly boiling. Always works great for me and the corn always turns out perfectly. Then, I just cooked some wild rice, nothing fancy again just right out of the Zatarain (can you hear the trumpet?) box, hehe.

While this meal wasn’t anything super duper exciting…it definitely made me feel good to stop and cook myself a meal out of the craziness of this week! The only bad part of today is that I am going to be sitting at my desk at work dreaming of the sushi I will have later……

"What kind of Sushi do I want???"

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  1. That meal looks A.OK. in my book, except that I don’t like corn! (sad I know).. but sushi.. now sushi is something I could eat pounds and pounds of! Definitely go with the spicy tuna roll.. always my fave πŸ™‚

  2. Nothing wrong with simple, in fact sometimes it’s better. I prefer my steak with a little s & p and thats it. πŸ™‚ Congrats on making the playoffs! I’m jealous about the sushi…MMM. I love anything with raw tuna or salmon. There’s this place called Blue Island Sushi that makes this fried California roll that is to die for. Authentic? Perhaps not but it’s SO good.

  3. I hear ya and I agree sometimes we have to schedule ourselves to cook! Congrats on the playoffs!
    Summer has so many activities for us to do and cooking inside is a bit hard. Hey, I would look forward to free sushi night too πŸ˜€

  4. Sweet potato roll! It is the best!

  5. I’d take it all and during corn season (now!), I’ll happily make a meal of just the corn.Now, what kind of sushi do I indeed want?

  6. That ear of corn looks so perfect! Love stuff that’s in season. As for sushi… I like to keep it simple. I like tuna or salmon sashimi. It’s crazy how delicious the fish tastes with no bells and whistles to mask the flavor. (except soy sauce, of course)

  7. The meal looks excellent! Well, I am not a sushi person…but once in a long while, they are still enjoyable.