Happy Belated 4th America!

Happy Belated 4th America!

Hey there!

I know this is a bit late, *ahem* perhaps a week late. Things have been slightly crazy lately. So forgive me foodies and America for my late posting for my 4th of July cookies πŸ™‚

I am not going to go crazy with this post…I am just going to showcase the lovely cookies I made for my Mom’s 4th of July celebration.

It is the usual recipe I use for my sugar cookies and icing. Check it out here.

I hope you all had an amazing 4th with whatever you did! Most of you heard about my extravaganza in Boston. Interesting times people, interesting times.

Anyways, I am excited this week because I get to go and visit a few of my most favorite people in the entire world. I went to school with some of the most amazing girls and I am so happy that I am going to get to visit with them this weekend. YAY for reunions.

Have a lovely rest of your week!

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  1. What gorgeous cookies! I just made my 4th of July post today as well.

  2. These cookies are so cute and festive! I love everything that can be done to sugar cookies!

  3. Happy belated 4th of July. Your cookies are so pretty!

  4. Happy belated 4th to you too! And I love these stunning cookies!

  5. You are one fantastic cookie decorator!! Wow… you should seriously do a side business! πŸ™‚ I am certainly happy you posted these late…..than never because they are perfect. πŸ™‚

  6. these are absolutely perfect! killer frosting skills!

  7. Your cookies are gorgeous , and so patriotic. I’m sure that they taste as good as they look:)
    Have a great weekend!

  8. These are stunning. You can be patriotic even after the 4th, especially with these cookies. πŸ™‚

  9. These cookies are BEAUTIFUL! Holy cow!

  10. Gorgeous cookies….the colors came out perfect:)

  11. Impressive handiwork. Must have taken you hours.

  12. wanted to follow up on my earlier comment and say that I am going to really miss food buzz emails from you, so I subscribed πŸ™‚ follow back if you wish! http://amourbeurre.com

  13. Very impressive design and detail. This cookies are as much visual art as they are culinary!

  14. They are beautiful!


  15. These are so adorable.